Brazil judge lifts WhatsApp suspension

A judge in Brazil has ordered that a suspension of the popular messaging application WhatsApp be lifted. Judge Xavier de Souza said the service should be re-instated immediately. A court had ordered the service be…


Star Citizen game hits $100m funding milestone

Crowdfunded video game Star Citizen has raised more than $100m (£66m) from fans and backers. The funding drive for the space exploration, trading and combat game began in 2012 on Kickstarter. Since then, the game…


Twitter warns of government ‘hacking’

Twitter has sent warnings to a number of users that their accounts may have been hacked by “state-sponsored actors”. It is the first time that the social media company has issued such a warning. Twitter…


Facebook security warning over expiring algorithm

Web browsing will get much riskier for millions of people when a key security algorithm stops being used, warns Facebook. The algorithm, known as SHA-1, will stop being supported by web browsing programs during 2016….